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Haringey council is one of the best community service systems in the Greater London.

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Haringey city is one of the best community the Greater London.

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Haringey annal report

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What has happened to Haringey in the last few years

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Haringey is located in North London, a Borough with three main districts and 45 LSOAs(Lower Layer Super Output Area), with a total population of over 200,000. The area contains a rich and diverse London culture and is a beautiful area. The crime rate in Haringey has steadily decreased over the last three years

causations on it

The decline in crime in Haringey is due to a number of policies by the Haringey Local Authority. Over the past three years, Haringey Council has introduced a number of policing measures to tackle a wide range of crime types including robbery and burglary, which have helped to bring the crime situation in Haringey under control.

Population Population-density Age
Housing Work-distance Crime Green-avail
Income-deprivation Employment
Language Religions Health Education-level
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